Instructor-Health Science 

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  •  Location(s)

    Hamilton Career and Technology Center

  •  Description

    Position available July 26, 2023. Must be willing to obtain teacher certification in a 5 year work-based process while teaching.

  •  Responsibilities

    Plan and provide activities that will enhance the learning and skill acquisition of students. Evaluate student progress through varied assessments, providing feedback to students and parents. Maintain accurate pupil accounting records in compliance with local and state requirements. Develop rules and regulations for classroom management with the approval of the principal; evaluate the effectiveness of all policies. Provide for the care and protection of school property, as well as participation in the purchasing/maintaining of program specific equipment. Take part in the staff development program of the school and District. Keep abreast of scholarly productions and research studies in the field of teaching as well as the instructor’s field of expertise. Interpret the policies of the school to parents and other patrons. Execute the Board and administrative policies within the classroom and the community. Participate in extra-curricular activities as assigned. Perform such other tasks as may be assigned. Organize an Advisory Board that includes partners in higher education and industry.

  •  Experience/Qualifications

    5+ years of work experience in health science related fields: Preferences include nursing, physical therapy, sports medicine, etc. Certification in Health Science Technology required or willing to obtain teacher certification in a 5 year work-based process while teaching.

  •  Salary Range

    Teacher salary schedule: Factors that contribute to salary determination include: years of experience working in field, years of teaching experience, educational background 190 days

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