Elementary Speech Therapist - multiple locations 

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  •  Location(s)

    District Office

  •  Description

    To assess, diagnose, and treat speech-language disorders in school-age students.

  •  Responsibilities

    The specific job responsibilities of the position include: (i) provide speech and language therapy to students, maintaining accurate and complete records of progress; (ii) prepare and administer student speech and language screenings and evaluations; (iii) develop and implement programs to meet the educational and developmental needs of students with speech and language disabilities; and (iv) confer with parents, administrators, and teachers to develop individual education plans (IEPs), provide student support and progress updates, and resolve student speech and language issues.

  •  Experience/Qualifications

    The candidate must have a Master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology, Communication Sciences, and Disorders, or a related field. Additionally, the candidate must have a valid South Carolina teaching certificate with a Speech Language Therapist or Pathologist certification.

  •  Salary Range

    Teacher Salary Schedule

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