Student Technology Intern 

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  •  Location(s)

    Seneca High School

  •  Description

    The student intern will work alongside SDOC technology employees to help install hardware and software systems; Maintain or repair equipment, and troubleshoot a variety of technology problems. The student should understand multiple operating systems (Windows, Chrome, etc.) and be willing to learn new technologies and/or software.

  •  Responsibilities

    Connects devices to wireless and wired internet connections; Receives and reviews technology-related work orders from offices and schools as assigned; Installs, configures, tests and maintains computer/network hardware equipment; Installs, tests and evaluates software on individual computers and networks; Assesses computer hardware/software problems and performs and/or makes arrangements for necessary adjustments or repair work; works with service representatives to resolve hardware and software problems. Requires gathering, organizing, analyzing, examining or evaluating data or information and prescribes action based on such data or information; Requires counseling or instructing/training others through explanation, demonstration, and supervised practice or making recommendations based on technical expertise; Requires overseeing, operating, or repairing machinery or equipment; involves installation and testing; Requires performing skilled work involving rules/systems with almost constant problem solving.

  •  Experience/Qualifications

    Requires using addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, and/or calculating ratios, rates, and percentages; Requires reading journals, manuals and professional publications; speaking informally to groups of co-workers, staff, presenting training, producing written materials using proper language, punctuation, grammar and style.

  •  Salary Range

    $10.00 per hour

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