Bus Driver 

  •  Category


  •  Location(s)

    Transportation Office

  •  Description

    Transport students safely, responsibly, and efficiently to and from assigned school location.

  •  Responsibilities

    1) Maintain and properly operate a working vehicle. 2) Transport students in a safe and efficient manner. 3) Monitor student behavior and safety; correcting behavior issues as needed. 4) Report disciplinary problems. 5) Establish bus routes as needed on daily basis. 6) Inspect bus regularly and notify maintenance of any required repairs or issues. 7) Maintain a clean bus by regularly sweeping floor and disposing of trash/debris. 8) Be prepared to handle any emergency or situation that may arise during your daily route. Note: The above items are a general examples of bus driver responsibilities and are not intended to be a comprehensive list. Other duties may be assigned.

  •  Experience/Qualifications

    1) Be a US resident at least 21 years of age and have at least 12 months of driving experience. 2) Have no more than 4 points against driver's license within the last 12 months. 3) All applicants are subject to a SLED check of criminal history and any other checks required by law or deemed necessary by the employer. 4) Have a valid South Carolina driver's license. 5) Successfully complete a school bus driver's training class of 20 hours and successfully pass a physical performance test. 6) All Bus Drivers are required to submit to a pre-employment drug screen and will be subjected to random drug and alcohol testing.

  •  Salary Range

    $12.48 - $18.21 per hour 180 days per year

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